Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression

Regression Therapy allows working with a client's unconscious mind. The concept is to to find the buried source of a psychological problem. Or if it is known, to deal with its present consequences.

When the memories involve childhood the term often used is "age regression". Frequently clinical hpnotherapy is the best tool for this work. If the client's timeline is allowed to continue backwards "past life events" may appear. These are often a metaphorical interpretation of repressed or suppresed events in the present life. By doing this the client can deal with the issues raised.

This type of therapy can help people deal with:

  • depression and meloncholia
  • anxiety and fear
  • guilt and resentment
  • bereavement and other losses
  • anger
  • relationship issues
  • unexplainable physical pain such as migraines and IBS, (psychosomatic problems)
  • feeling stuck in life

This therapy developed out of the theories and techniques of hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis. The main drive is to recover memories of past events to solve conflicts or emotions felt now. The premise being that the past was the cause of problems in people’s lives.

There is no way of knowing what you will experience during regression therapy, everyone experiences it differently.


The three levels of consciousness recognised in regression therapy are:

  • The conscious mind, which represents the thoughts a person is aware of having
  • The subconscious mind, which represents emotions, habits, and instincts a person is unaware of having
  • The superconscious mind, also known as the spirit, soul, or higher element of a person, may provide a model for how that person wants to think or act in the world

As a person moves through life they collect thousands memories that are then stored in the mind. Some are accessible to the conscious mind. However, many memories may remain in the subconscious, a person is usually unable to bring them into the conscious mind. Regression therapy believes these unconscious memories will have a significant impact on a person’s development and approach to life.

How Does Regression Therapy Work?

It focuses on areas of conflict and other negative aspects in a person’s life. The goal is to isolate the causes of their negative emotions and find their cause in order to understand and overcome them.

This therapy usually has five phases:

  1. Preparation
  2. Conducting regression techniques
  3. Expression and release of emotions previously repressed
  4. Relearning or Reprogramming of the subconscious
  5. Session conclusion

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Time passing during Online Regression Therapy

Past-life Regression Therapy

Past life therapy is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories from previous lives. It is thought that many present mental health issues that people experience have their origins in a traumatic experience in a previous life. During hypnosis I take you back in time to a previous life. This form of hypnosis is quite deep. But you take an active role in it. We will be talking all the way through it. You will remember all that you see and say. Rarely some clients are not able to get back to a past life.

This regressive process takes you back to a life before you were born in your current body. Past life therapy assumes the reality of reincarnation of the soul/spirit. You are able to work on your mental issues as if they are in this life. Some people may visit several past lives. Others may visit one in great detail, or discover repressed memories from their current lifetime.

I honestly believe that many clients do work on problems from this life that they cannot accept they did or happened to them. So their mind deals with it in a 'past life' as that is easier to do.