Online Psychotherapy - what is it?

Online Psychotherapy - this is a personal opinion. But, it allows you to understand how I work.

Psychotherapy is a catch-all term for therapy based on various approaches in psychology. The concept is to help sort out emotions and behaviours that are causing you problems.

Psychotherapy has evolved over time and many older ideas and theories are not used so much. Concepts used in counselling and hypnotherapy are used in psychotherapy. This is to create positive changes in how clients feel.

I use elements from several psychological approaches during online psychotherapy. I may blend them into a potent force to help you resolve your issues.

Please note I am not a fan of spending ages analysing a problem or of CBT. I use Positive Psychology, Humanistic approaches and Solution Focussed work.

Psychotherapy is a supportive process. especially when you are going through difficult situations or stressed. I am there to help you through your pain and help you to move away from it. This type of therapy is for anyone going through difficulties. Particularly that they cannot deal or come to terms with. It is best to see me sooner rather than later – as these types of problems tend to get worse over time.

There is no harm in talking to me even if you’re not sure if you actually need help. I will be able to tell you if you need help and the approximate number sessions you will need.

During your online psychotherapy we will tend to focus on solving your problems. We will not be dwelling on the past but will be goal-oriented toward the future. We will decide on the changes required to improve your life. Your goals are broken down into 'bite-sized' bits. These become your steps within your action plan.

A significant part of the work is done by talking and discussing the problems through. the by using specific techniques you start to make your changes. Change means you willingly amend aspects of your life to work better for you. Psychotherapy is about challenging your existing beliefs and becoming a “new person”.


Psychotherapy online helps you to understand your problem/s. Most psychotherapy is short-term and usually lasts a few weeks. Some people may take longer.

If you have major disorders online therapy is not the best option.

The psychotherapy I use does not have a fixed format as blend approaches for each session. They are all tailored to the client's requirements at that moment in time.

How can Online Psychotherapy help me?

Psychotherapy can help all people with their problems. How can online Psychotherapy help? I create a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment for you to speak freely in. This allows you to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions with a person who is there to help you. I will not criticise you but part of my work is to challenge you in a supportive way

It is important for you to bear in mind that I cannot give you advice or tell you what to do to feel better. I will help you to arrive at your own insights. So you can understand your problems, your way. Generally Psychotherapy is regarded as not a brief therapy, but as a journey of self-discovery. Many journeys do take a long time, but most jouneys are much shorter. Therefore it is you the client that decides on the length of the journey you take. By having regular Psychotherapy sessions you will probably be able to cut your jouney time significantly.

Psychotherapy is generally faster than counselling at sorting out your problems.

Online Psychotherapy helps you understand how other people may be feeling. There is a knock-on effect as you will make better judgements about what they say and do.

Psychotherapy only works if you are prepared to explore painful thoughts, emotions and memories. Confronting these things is needed before you canmove forward then you will soon start to feel better.

All counselling is built on a trusting relationship between you and I. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable with me as your counsellor it is quite acceptable to tell me. I may be able to help yo to find a different counsellor.

On our first session I will establish clear boundaries about the Psychotherapy/client relationship. This will include confidentiality, behaviour, keeping appointments and payment before you begin our sessions.




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For futher information about Pyschotherapy follow the LINK to the ACCPH professional body website page.


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