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Online Flourish Therapy and Coaching©

Online Flourish Therapy and Coaching © have been updated into an extremely powerful rapid mind changing process. This is due to research I have been working on over the last few years. The processes have got faster and more efficient.

Flourish Therapy and Coaching© have two parts. Phase 1 and Phase 2. Most people only ever need Phase 1.

Phase 1 : This is a greatly enhanced form of advanced clinical hypnotherapy. But it can be done open-eyed and out of hypnosis!

It can often be completed in just a single 2 hour session. The therapy or coaching is a whole mind-body process – totally psychosomatic in its effects.

Phase 2: Life Builder©. Very few people need this. It is a special aftercare system that is designed help to clients rebuild their life after an addiction, eating disorder, abuse or a major trauma and to allow them to flourish in the future.

This is a revolutionary therapy process that is based on scientific research evidence such as Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, quantum concepts, brain chemistry, hormones, clinical hypnotherapy and many other psychological concepts or principles.

It works on your whole mind and body by utilising your brain and body neurology and biochemistry.

It is not built round out-of-date psychological dogma.

Online Flourish Therapy and Coaching

You can change your reality very quickly using this system.

It will still work even if I do not know fully what your problem is. I do not have to know what it is you are wanting to change in therapy. The process will still work but will not be as effective as if I did know the issue.

Everyone will develop a massively powerful problem destroying Psycho-somatic anchor, (trigger), during their treatment. You will be able to use this for the rest of your life and be able to 'point' it at problems in the future and destroy them before they grow out of control.

This process will be fully explained before your treatment. You also get practice time before you leave so that you know it is working and getting stronger every time you apply it. Every client's anchor is unique to them as is their treatment plan.

I do not waste time analysing a problem. Nor do I read scripts - I work from what you are saying, seeing and the changes you are feeling during the session.

You will be putting in your content - in effect controlling the session. We will be in conversation throughout the process. You will be able to make self-generated changes that are permanent.

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