Online Therapy Services

Online Therapy Services has its origins in Cressingham Counselling and Cressingham Hypnotherapy formed by Richard Wain a counsellor and psychotherapist since 1980.

Online Therapy Services are the updated version of 'old school' face-to-face therapy. It includes online counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and life coaching. Along with the more modern Positive Psychotherapy, Flourish Therapy and Flourish Coaching.

By me working online the process becomes cheaper and a more convenient way of receiving personal help.

There are large numbers of 'old school' therapists and coaches who believe that online services are no good. That they are not a replacement for face-to-face therapy or coaching.

But there are thousands of satisfied online clients around the world. They are already using online counselling, other therapy and coaching services. For them, it is as good as traditional methods once they have built the rapport with their therapist. Or online life coach.

Technology is creating a revolution in how people receive psychological therapies or coaching. There is research and anecdotal evidence about online sessions. This indicates that for a large number of people it is as effective as being in the room with a practitioner.

Using the telephone or video link is, for many people, a convenient way to get help.

Online therapy may not be the best option for some people. They need face-to-face or specialist treatment and professional support.

You can read more about Richard Wain HERE.

Benefits of Online Therapy Services and Coaching

The benefits of online therapy services and coaching are significant. Especially when compared to face-to-face interaction.

1. One of the benefits of online therapy is it is more convenient

Online therapy or coaching can be undertaken in your place of work. During your lunch or straight after your work, when everyone has gone. Sat in your parked car. Also at home where you are comfortable. In fact, anywhere you feel secure. This makes you more receptive so your progress can be faster.

You do not have to travel miles to meet up with me in Dartford. You do not need to worry about traffic, trains, parking charges, etc.

2. Online therapy and coaching is discrete with no stigma

Many people in need of therapy do not book appointments due to the stigma surrounding it. I have people who make appointments who do not attend their face-to-face session. This is often due to the stigmatisation of therapy.

With online therapy, that stigma is gone. It is very discrete as nobody needs to know you are having therapy. Nor will you be seen visiting or leaving my Dartford office.

3. Compared to face-to-face sessions it is less expensive

I have an office in Dartford where I do see people face-to-face. But, many people choose to have online sessions. These are usually undertaken from an office in my home. So I do not have so many expenses attached to the sessions. So I can do them at more affordable rates.

4. Talking online is comfortable for a lot of people - they are used to it

Children and young adults chat online or upload posts all the time. People use email, webinars and social media as methods of communication. Some them find it easier to communicate through the web than in person. To these people it is easier than talking to someone face-to-face. This can be much more comfortable when revealing personal information.

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5. It provides access to those who can’t get to my office

There are people with long-term illnesses or disabilities. They find it difficult to leave their home. In these situations it is the only help they can get. As few counsellor, coaches or hypnotherapists do domiciliary visits.

6. One of the benefits of online therapy is no distance boundaries

With online sessions there is no need to find a local counsellor, coach or hypnotherapist. You can to connect with me even if I am not in your area.

7. Privacy and Confidentiality

As with face-to-face sessions online therapy provides the same complete privacy and confidentiality. Telephone sessions are secured by high grade encryption level by using WhatsApp. Only you and I can access. (Make sure you lock your phone when not in use).

We can also use WhatsApp for video call as well. But I prefer to use a different format for these sessions. Especially for hypnotherapy, The Flourish Programme and Coaching. This is secure because only you will have access to the unique code to open the software for that session. The password is different for each session.

There are probably other benefits of online therapy and coaching but I have covered the main ones here.