Issues I help clients for

Below are the main issues I help with. The first six sections are about the methods I use. The sections after that are the issues I help with. I help all of these problems with counselling, psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and coaching. But Positive Psychotherapy, Flourish Therapy and Flourish Coaching is the better option for some issues and certain people. (Not everyone).

Most of the links on these sections take you to information pages off this site. The information on the links is about the issues I help with and can be applied to all the therapies and coaching modalities I work in.

Some images may show face-to-face therapy or coaching. This not offered on this site but is available on the sites the links go to.

online counselling using video link

Online Counselling and Pyschotherapy. (Traditional Therapy).

Counselling and psycotherapy are quasi-structured conversation between two people. To me, counselling and psychotherapy cannot not have fixed formats. As each session is usually tailored to your needs during that session.

The concept being that it allows the you to develop new ways of thinking. As humans we are self-aware and have the ability to think about and generate emotions at will. This is a huge part of being human.

But, this ability may also cause problems; as the way we think can affect our emotions and behaviours.

Really counselling is a form of psychotherapy that does not involve giving advice. Nor telling you to take a particular route to reach your goal. It falls under the umbrella of ‘talking therapies’. So lets people speak about their situation in a confidential and safe environment.

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girl laying down for Clinical hypnotherapy

Online Clinical Hypnotherapy. (Traditional Hypnotherapy).

I still use 'Old School' styles of hypnotherapy for some people. This is a relatively deep trance form of hypnotherapy. It is somtimes calle Sugestion Hypnotherapy as helpful suggestions are delivered straight to your subconscious mind to elicit change.

Much of the  clinical hypnotherapy is done through suggestion therapy or analytical techniques. These methods often require several sessions on a weekly basis. Sometime you can have two sessions in a week.

This form of work suits certain people as the progress is slower and they feel more comfortable with it. It is also used for those who wish to dig into the past to understand the problem in more depth before they deal with it.

Regression Hypnotherapy has its own box toward the bottom of the page.

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image of a man having Positive Psychology

Online Positive Psychotherapy and Coaching

Positive Psychology - the commonly accepted definition of the field is this: a scientific approach to studying human thoughts, feelings, and behaviour with a focus on strengths instead of weakness, building the good in life instead of repairing the bad, and taking the lives of average people up to “great” instead of focusing solely on moving those who are struggling up to “normal” (Peterson, 2008).

In other words it is all about using the good things in your present or your past to eliminate the bad. We do not concentrate and talk about the bad stuff; only the good.

'Old school' psychology has an exceptionally narrow focus on the negative in people's lives. So much attention is paid to 'abnormal' psychology, trauma, suffering and pain. Very little attention is dedicated to happiness, well-being, exceptionalism, strengths and resilience.

There are ten main aims of Positive Psychology and these can be seen on the Lean more link below.

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issues I help with Flourish Therapy

Hypnotherapy - Flourish Therapy

Flourish Therapy is light trance work – I have no control over you at all. You are not in my power but in your own power. You can open your eyes at any time. It can be done with your eyes open! Yes with your eyes open more in a Coaching style than Hypnotherapy.

The trance is like a daydream state and everyone can go into a daydream. So everyone can do this phenomenal therapy.

It is not built round 'Old School' psychological concepts but on evidence from Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology and other areas including Metophors and Psychoneuroimmunology. The way the mind and body are designed to work, not some old theory or approach.

It helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel very quickly. It works for all the issues I help people for. Most people can get rid of most problems in just 2-3 sessions of Flourish Therapy

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this man is undergoing online coaching


Online Life Coaching

Life coaching online is a synergistic relationship between a life coach and a client designed to help you reach your full potential.

Or you could use the one below.

 “Coaches have the ability to view things from afar — in what some call ‘helicopter vision’ — and to shed new light on difficult situations. Often they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills, and motivate.”

– CFO Magazine

More-or-less all successful people understand the benefits of investing time and effort in improving  themselves. Life coaching is an investment that can provide benefits for the rest of your life.

Life Coaching is for everybody. But only the sensible ones realise they have some areas of deficit that would benefit from a pair of impartial eyes.

It is my job as an online life coach to challenge you. To push you to be specific on what you desire for your future. Also to look at the 'Why?' you desire it

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issues I help during flourish coaching

Online Flourish Coaching

This is a highly focused and powerful belief change process using Flourish Coaching that eradicates many problems in a just a few sessions.

The list is topics we could deal with is endless and unique to that person. Maybe you are successful in certain areas of your life, but not so the some others.

Flourish Coaching gives you the power  to unlocks you inner ability to reach the success you desire across all areas of your life.

They are incredible for people who find themselves lost or directionless due to unresolved issues or problems from way back or just yesterday. These could be possibly due to:

  • Negative emotions buried deep in the mind and body
  • Limiting beliefs – self generated and given to you by others
  • Conflicting values – yours and someone else’s
  • Lack of spirituality – feeling disconnected from yourself, life, other people and the world at large
  • and so many more.

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young woman with anxiety and phobia

Fears, Anxiety, Panic Attack and Phobia

OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Every anxiety disorder, (Including OCD and BDD), and phobia can cause very disproportionate suffering of apprehension, stress and worry. Not just the sufferer but to the people they are in contact with.

I help all of thes problems with standard counselling, psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and coaching. Using these traditional methods may take take a fair amount of time and sessions. For some people the need to see results faster is an imperative so the need to use a different system. One that can eliminate the problem in just 2-5 sessions.

The Flourish Therapy allows you to reroute the neurological connections in your brain so that old negative reactions are controlled very quickly. We do not need to go back and find went it all started or analyse why it did so.

There are videos on the links below

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young woman showing weight loss from hypnotherapy

Weight Loss, Hypnotic Gastric Bands and Eating Disorders

Weight Loss

Weight loss through the use of counselling, psychotherapy,clinical hypnotherapy and even coaching and can help you to permanently change your poor relationship with food. But sometimes we need something strongrer and tghsi is where Flourish Therapy comes in. Especially when we need to use a Hypnotic 'Gastric Band'. The two most commen methods I use are given below.

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Eating Disorders

There is no such thing as ‘normal eating’. We all have different eating habits which appear ‘normal’ to us. This section covers food related addictive behaviours such as sugar or caffeine. Also Binge Eating, Bulimia, Anorexia and Night-time and other eating problems.

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There are videos on the Learn More links above.

older lady with stress and anger

Stress, Anger and Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Stress and anger are usually looked at as two different problems. Sometimes they are. But frequently stress and anger are locked together. Most people are able to dramatically reduce or remove their stress and anger using counselling, psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy or coaching. But Positive Psychology and Flourish Therapy or Coaching can break that lock in 2-4 hours. And give you control again.

Chronic stress cause so many health problems. In effect can limit your life or at least give you poor health. Stress and anger can have very damaging effects on your career, family and friendships.

If you do not get help you can go down the path of Hypertension - the silent killer.

Or head towards Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (ME - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

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Grief and Depression shown as a diagram

Grief, Bereavement, Relationship Breakdown and Depression

Depression and unhappiness can limit life. Affecting the sufferers ability to work, their families and other relationships. Depression can impact every area of your life, including but not limited to how you sleep and eat, your education and career, your relationships, health, and concentration. Individuals suffering from depression often also have comorbid disorders, such as alcohol and drug abuse or other addictions.

These issues I help with can be worked on using counselling, psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and coaching. These are slower and that suites some people. Using Flourish Therapy or Positive Psychotherapy most people are able to move forward and start enjoying life again in 2-5 hours.

Learn More and watch the video: Depression

Experiencing the death of someone close or the end of a relationship leads to huge emotional responses. Our brain struggles to deal with this neurochemical and emotional onslaught.

As humans we are never really ready for is the loss of someone we love. Even when we know it is near. The anticipation, (dread), creates high level of stress, anxiety and distress before the final event. This increases when the loved one passes away or deserts us.

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addictions drugs and alcohol on a table

Eradicating Addictions and Bad Habits

These issues I help with can be worked on using counselling, psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and coaching. These are slower and that suits some people. But on-the-whole people find more modern methods work better for them.

Flourish Therapy and Positive Psychotherapy address not only the psychological dependence and help to remove any physiological withdrawal symptoms. This may not be possible for clients with severe dependency.

Do you want to take back control of your life? Are you fed-up of that chemical running and ruining your life? Flourish Therapy allows you to:

  • let go of the emotions behind the habit/addiction
  • let go of the addiction
  • not have withdrawal symptoms
  • put something in place to stop you starting again

In just 2-3 hours of Flourish Therapy most people can overcome their problems and live life to their full potential again.


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graphic showing the effects of Bullying and abuse

Personal Trauma, Abuse, Rape, Bullying, PTSD and Self-hurting

Bullying and harassment can be in many forms: name calling, physical abuse, social bullying or even cyber-bullying. The nature can be sexist, racist or plainly nasty behaviour. It is most common in schools or the workplace. Bullying is a form of abusive behaviour by an individual or a group designed to create an intimidating or humiliating environment for the victim.

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PSTD goes beyond the average reaction to trauma. This is not just for those in the armed forces and other front line services. Many people have experienced traumatic events which have left them feeling trapped, angry or unable to cope with normal life anymore. This can include children and adults who have been abused physically and mentally, are victims of crime, or witnessed or been involved in a severe accident or terror attack.

Learn More: PTSD

These issues can be worked on using counselling, psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and coaching. These are slower and that suits some people. But many people find more modern methods work better for them. Positive Psychotherapy and Flourish Therapy or Coaching can overcome their problems in 2-5 hours.

self image ladt wit too much make-up

Eliminate Self-negativity and Doubt: Find Yourself Again

At some points in our lives, we question ourselves. We ask things like "Am I good enough". We doubt our choices and decisions. Then end up answering the question with “I am not good enough" for this, that or anything else.

That’s what we called self-doubt. It shows we lack of confidence of feeling incapable of doing things we need to do. It does not take long before we are tumbling down the slope to persistent fear and panic.

How often do you think "Who am I"? "I need to find the real me".

The issues in this section can be worked on using counselling, psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and coaching. These traditional methods suit some people. But a lot of people find more modern methods work better for them.

Using Positive Psychotherapy or Flourish Therapy or Coaching to gain Confidence and Self-esteem its is possible to reach your goals in 2-5 hours. We use specific techniques that allow you to destroy those limiting thoughts and behaviours. You are able to let go of all of the self-sabotage thoughts and behaviours. Then eliminate all the self-doubt that is flooding your mind. You can then be yourself.

You will then be ready to replace them with the polar opposite ones. Allowing you to flourish and grow as a person being the true the real you. The person you were born to be.

graphic showing motivation to exercise.

Sports Performance and Motivation to Exercise

We all know that the mental aspects of a sport is as important as the physical requirements. Most athletes and sports competitors agree. It is the difference between winning and losing.

Flourish Sports Performance Coaching to helps provide athletes and competitors of all sports and all levels to improve their skills. Both mentally as physically providing that winning edge.

Whatever the reasons behind your problems Flourish Programme Sports Performance Coaching will give you:

  • the best mental state for performing or motivation
  • increased mental resilience and focus
  • nerves and anxiety under control
  • mind and body language for peak performance
  • able to handle the external pressure
  • be able to learn from and bounce back from set backs
  • own empowering beliefs
  • have performance and outcome goals

In just 2-4 hours of Flourish Sports Performance Coaching most people can overcome their self-doubts and problems. They have  total control over their complete training or exercise regimen. Also their diet and any other factors they need to shift.

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vector showing the word Psychoneuroimmunity

Psychoneuroimmunology.          (Total Mind-Body Health).

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the connections between three elements of your brain, mind and body.

Basically these are explained below:

  • What you are thinking and feeling – the “psycho” bit
  • Your brain and nervous systems functions – the “neuro” bit
  • Your body’s immune system responses and workings – the “immunology” bit

An easier way to say this is: the state of your mind is in has a direct effect on your immune system, health and well being.

When things go wrong in any part of this system, it goes wrong in all of it. It becomes a vicious cycle of decline in function and efficiency. As soon as a positive change occurs, the whole system improves as it wants to run at peak performance.

PNI is based on:

  • That your state of mind effects your neural processing and your physical and mental well-being
  • That your neural processing effects your state of mind and your physical and mental well-being
  • That your physical well-being effects your state of mind, emotional wellbeing and neural processing

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Happy couple after treatment for psychosexual problems

Psychosexual and Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosexual problems arise due to guilty conscience, stress, anxiety, nervousness, worry, fear, depression, physical or emotional trauma, abuse, rape, etc. Many of these centre around body image. A quite new anxiety is a fear of being commented about online. Also cultural and religious aspects.

Learn More: Psychosexual Problems

Psychosomatic problems

Psychosomatic problems - definitions. Psyche is Latin for mind and soma for body. A psychosomatic problem is a disease which involves both mind and body. It can be said of all diseases have a physical elements and psychological ones in some way.

But, a psychosomatic disorder is thought of as a physical disease which is caused or made worse by mental factors.

Learn More Psychosomatic Problems

I prefer to use Positive Psychotherapy or Flourish Therapy for these psychological problems. They are able to help people quickly make the psychological changes required very quickly. Most people can make those changes in 2-3 hours. I will use more traditional methods if requested by the client.

gain spirituality and life meaning

Spirituality and Life Meaning

Spirituality is a greater sense of:

  • meaning to your life
  • having a purpose to follow
  • yourself, a sense of that which is greater than self.

Spirituality for me is about practices to enhance the experience of your life. It is about connecting with your own inner self, (some would use the term spirit), that is all encompassing and universal.

It's regaining the inborn connection with nature within yourself.

Listening to innate instincts and desires that allow you to be you in all your peaceful glory.

We were all born with a meaning - to be successful and happy. However; life has a way of throwing rubbish at us and somehow we forget how to be the successful and happy person we were born to be.

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Time passing during Online Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression

Regression Therapy allows working with a client's unconscious mind. The concept is to to find the buried source of a psychological problem. Or if it is known, to deal with its present consequences.

When the memories involve childhood the term often used is "age regression". Frequently clinical hpnotherapy is the best tool for this work. If the client's timeline is allowed to continue backwards "past life events" may appear. These are often a metaphorical interpretation of repressed or suppresed events in the present life. By doing this the client can deal with the issues raised.

Regression Therapy can help people deal with:

  • depression and meloncholia
  • anxiety and fear
  • guilt and resentment
  • bereavement and other losses
  • anger
  • relationship issues
  • unexplainable physical pain such as migraines and IBS, (psychosomatic problems)
  • feeling stuck in life

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